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Jules Verne
Verne, Jules (Mitchell, H. Q.)
Jules Gabriel Verne
Jules; Alex Dolby Verne
Jules/ Laurel Associates Verne
Jules & Lowell Bair Verne
Jules Edward A Wilson VERNE
Jules; N. C. Wyeth Verne

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Verne, Jules
Verne, Jules Kingston, W H G - Translator
Verne, Jules; Original English Translation of W.H.G. Kingston with an Introduction by Ray Bradbury
Verne, Jules (introductions by David G. Pitt; Robert A. W. Lowndes; Raymond R. Canon)
Jules Verne, Translated from French to English by W. H. G. Kingston, Edited Ernest Rhys, pictorial endpapers in green & white with BOOKPLATE, With...
Jules Verne; William Henry Giles Kingston
VERNE Jules KINGSTON WHG - - translator)
Verne, Jules & Harte, Bret & Burroughs, John & King, Edward
Wyeth, N.C. (Illustration) Verne, Jules. (Text)