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George Eliot
G Eliot
George (1819-1880) Eliot
Eliot, George; Tauss, Hebert
Edmundson, Helen and Eliot, George
April De Angelis
Eliot, George, And Haight, Gordon S
George Eliot Grahame Smith
Helen Wheeler
Dorey, J. Milnor (Edited)
Eliot, , George
Eliot, George / Roberts, James L.
Eliot, George [1819-1880]
George frontispiece Eliot
Eliot, George Pseud. ) Evans, Mary Ann
George; Franklin Library Editors Eliot
George Roman - Eliot

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Eliot, George
Eliot, George [nom de plume of Evans, Mary Anne
Eliot, George; Edited By Dorey, J. Milnor
Eliot, George Illustrator: Illustrated by Wray Manning
Eliot, George, and Dorey, J. Milnor, and Uchida, Yoshiko
Eliot, George; Manning, Wray (Illus); Daiches, D
Eliot, George; Mooney, Bel (Intro. ); Macneill, Alyson (Illus. )
ELIOT, George. Introduction by David Daiches. Illustrated by Wray Manning
Eliot, George; David Daiches (introduction) and Wray Manning (paintings)
Eliot, George; introduction by Bel Mooney; wood-engravings by Alyson MacNeill
Eliot, George; introduction by David Daiches; illustrated with paintings by Wray Manning