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Immanuel Kant
Immanuel & Lewis White Beck Kant
Thomas K. Abbott
Kant, Immanuel, Ladd, John
H. J. Paton
Kant, Immanuel/ Ladd, John (Trn)
Immanuel; trans. by John Ladd Kant
H. J. Paton
I. Kant
Kant, Immanuel & Paton, H. J.
Kant, Immanuel / John Ladd, trans
KANT, Immanuel. GREGOR, M. (Edited by)
Kant, Immanuel; Gregor, Mary

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Kant, Immanuel
Kant, Immanuel; Wolff, Robert Paul (Editor)
Kant, Immanuel, Thomas K. Abbott (transl.) and Marvin Fox (introd.)
Kant, Immanuel ; James Ellington [Trans.]
Immanuel Kant; intro & trans by Lewis White Beck
Kant, Immanuel; Translated By Lewis White Beck
Kant, Immanuel) Beck, Lewis White (editor/trans)
Kant, Immanuel, Norman Kemp Smith (Trans.)
Kant, Immanuel, translated by James Ellington
Kant, Immanuel; Lewis White Beck, Translator