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Ovid Wilfred Pirt Mustard
Ovid J W E Pearce
Harold North Fowler
Margaret Worsham Musgrove
Alexander Riese Ovid
Lee, A. G. (Ed).
Ovid; Henry T. Riley
Banier (Antoine, M L'Abb ), Ovid
Ethan Andrews
Frank Miller
Horace Gregory
John Clarke
John Dryden
Merkel, R [Ed]; Ovid
Rudolf Merkel
Horace Ovid / Gregory
OVID [CLARK, Thomas, Trans.]
OVID [CLARK, Thos., Trans.]
Ovid, (Riley, Henry T., translator)
Ovid, [translated by William Caxton]
George Sandys Ovid
North Pinder Ovid
Vergil Ovid
Ovid, Vergil, and Charles Knapp
George Ovid; Sandys
P. Ovidi Nasonis (Ovid)
Wright, F. A. (Translator)

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Ovid (Naso, Publius Ovidius); Hamilton, Bryce; Clark, Thomas; Heilig, Geo William
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D,Allen, William Francis, ,Greenough, J. B. (James Bradstreet), ,Fowler, Harold North, ,Allen, Joseph Henry,
B.C.- or A.D,Keene, Charles Haines Ovid
OVID (Translated by Dryden, Addison, Garth, and more)
Jestin, Charbra Adams/ Katz, Phyllis B./ Ovid
Ovid, 43 B C -17 or 18 a D, and Dryden, John, and Garth, Samuel, Sir
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D,Keene, Charles Haines, b.
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D,Rego, JosàAntÃnio da Silva
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D. / Golding, Arthur,
Ovid; Golding, Arthur (Trans.); Nims, John Frederick (Ed., Intro., Notes)
Publius Ovidius Naso [Ovid] Translated By J.J. Howard