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Hughes, Ted, Ovid
Ovid Wilfred Pirt Mustard
George Sandys Ovid
Harold North Fowler
Margaret Worsham Musgrove
Alexander Riese Ovid
Publius Ovidius Naso
Ovid. Thomas Clark. Geo. William Heilig
Ethan Andrews
Frank Miller
John Clarke
John Dryden
Jr. Edward Brooks, Ovid, Edward Ovid
Merkel, R [Ed]; Ovid
Rudolf Merkel
Ovid, [translated by William Caxton]
G. P. Goold Ovid
North Pinder Ovid
Ovid, Sandys, George
Ovid, Vergil, and Charles Knapp
George Ovid; Sandys
Wright, F. A. (Translator)

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Ovid (Naso, Publius Ovidius); Hamilton, Bryce; Clark, Thomas; Heilig, Geo William
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D,Allen, William Francis, ,Greenough, J. B. (James Bradstreet), ,Fowler, Harold North, ,Allen, Joseph Henry,
OVID (Translated by Dryden, Addison, Garth, and more)
Ovid, 43 B C -17 or 18 a D, and Dryden, John, and Garth, Samuel, Sir
Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D,Brooks, Edward, 1868?-
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D,Keene, Charles Haines
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D,Keene, Charles Haines, b.
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D,Rego, JosàAntÃnio da Silva
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D. / Golding, Arthur,