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Hector Berlioz
Ernest Newman
Berlioz, Hector - Cairns, David (ed.)
Cairns D (Ed)
CAIRNS, David & BERLIOZ, Hector
Hector (1803-1869) Berlioz
Berlioz, Hector & Newman, Ernest
Berlioz, Hector [Ernest Newman]
Hector; David Cairns Berlioz
Ernest Berlioz Hector;Newman
Hector-Cairns, David (Ed. ) Berlioz
Berlioz, Hector-Newman, Ernest (Ed. )
Cairns David
Newman, Ernest & Berlioz, Hector
BERLIOZ Hector (ed.Cairns)
Berlioz; Holmes; Holmes; Newman
Newman Ernest
Newman, Ernest, Et. Al

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Berlioz, Hector
Berlioz, Hector; Translated & Edited by David Cairns
Berlioz, Hector, David Cairns [translated and edited by]
Cairns, David (trans & edit).; Berlioz, Hector
Louis-Hector, and Katharine F. Boult BERLIOZ
Hector (Translated by Rachel Holmes and Eleanor Holmes) Berlioz
Hector Berlioz; Translated And Edited By David Cairns
Berlioz, Hector, and Russell, Rachel Holmes Scott, and Holmes, Eleanor, and Newman, Ernest
Cairns, David, Editor, Intro, Translator
Berlioz, Hector; translated by Rachel Holmes and Eleanor Holmes; annotated and translation revised by Ernest Newman