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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus; George Long Aurelius
George Long
Meric Casaubon
Long George
George (Translated By0 Long
George-Translator Long
Marcus Aurelius (George Long ed.)

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome 121-18 (Creator), and Long, George 1800-1879 (Creator)
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Translated by Meric Casaubon
Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, 121-180,Brown, Walter Lee, 1853-1904, ed
Aurelius, Marcus; Marcus Aurelius (Author); George Long (Translated by)
Epictetus & Marcus Aurelius translated by George Long
Long, George (Translator); Aurelius, Marcus; Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius
Quintus Septimus Tertullianus Florens [Tertullian], Marcus Aurelius
REEVE & COLLIER Translate Tertullian & Marcus Aurelius
Tertullian; Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius; Reeve, Wm; Collier, Jeremy
Aurelius, Marcus And Casaubon, Meric (Trans. )
Casaubon, Meric; Mueller, Hans Alexander
Marcus Aurelius Emperor of Rome Brown Walter Lee, ed
Antoninus (Translated By George Long, M.A. )
Marcus Aurelius ; Meric Casaubon ; Andre Dacier ; Madame Dacier
Marcus Aurelius Emperor of Rome Long George
Marcus Aurelius; Reeve, Wm; Collier, Jeremy Tertullian; Antoninus