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Alexandre Dumas
Dumas, Alexandre; Escott, John
Alexandre (Creator) Dumas
Dumas, Alexandre Lengrand, Edy (illus.)
Dumas, Alexandre, Maquet, Auguste,
Laurel And Associates

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Dumas, Alexandre
O'Rourke, John; Dumas, Alexandre; Nachison, Beth
Dumas, Alexandre [Introduction By Gerard Previn Meyer] [Cover By Paul Bacon Stud
Dumas, Alexandre (Introduction By Andre Maurois)
David Coward (Editor), Alexandre Dumas (Author)
Alexandre; Sidney Dark (Introduction) Dumas
Dumas, Alexandre; With Illustrations by Edy Legrand and an Introduction by Andre Maurois
Dumas, Alexandre; Harris, Raymond (adapted by)
Dumas, Alexandre; Introduction By Maurois, Andre
Dumas, Alexandre; Maurois, André (intro.)
Dumas], Roy Thomas [Adapted from Alexandre