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Thomas Mann
Mann, Thomas; Lowe-Porter, H.T
T Mann
MANN, Thomas (1875-1955)
MANN, Thomas, Felix Hoffmann

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Mann, Thomas
Mann, Thomas Translated By Lowe-Porter, H. T.
Thomas (translated from the German by H.T. Lowe-Porter, with an introductory essay by the author, illus. Felix Hoffman) Mann
Mann, Thomas; Fonseca, Gonzalo (Illus. )
Mann, Thomas, translated from the German by T Lowe-Porter
Mann Thomas, Lowe-Porter H. T. (translator)
Mann, Thomas, Translated From The German By H. T. Lowe-Porter
Thomas Mann; Translated By H.T. Lowe-Porter / Herman George Scheffauer
MANN THOMAS translated from the German by WOODS, JOHN E. with introduction by W
MANN, THOMAS translated from the German by LOWE - PORTER, H. T. with illustratio
Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955. H. T. Lowe-Porter1876-1963 [Helen Tracy Lowe-Porter] (translator).
Mann, Thomas; Lowe-Porter, H. T. --Trans
Mann, Thomas; Translator: Lowe-Porter, H. T.
Mann, Thomas - H.T. Lowe-Porter (trans.)
Mann, Thomas Illustrated by: Illustrated by Gonzalo Fonseca
MANN, Thomas. Translated by H. T. Lowe-Porter.
Mann, Thomas.Translated by H.T.Lowe-Porter