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Laurence Sterne
Sterne Laurence
Sterne, Laurence, 1713-1768
Laurence and Ian Watt Sterne
Sterne, Laurence, ,Saintsbury, George,
Rhys, Ernest and Sterne, Laurence
Sterne (Laurence)
Sterne L
Sterne Rev Laurence

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Sterne, Laurence; Wilbur L. Cross (intro.)
BALDESSARI, JOHN). Sterne, Laurence, Melvyn New & John Baldessari
Laurence Sterne, Howard Anderson (Editor)
STERNE, Laurence / With the illustrations of John Austen
Sterne, Laurence; Introduction by Wilbur L Cross
Sterne, Laurence. New Melvyn, & New, Joan, Ed.
Sterne, Laurence/ New, Melvyn (Editor)/ New, Joan (Editor)
Sterne, Laurence; Saintsbury, George, Ed