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William Shakespeare
Branagh, Kenneth; Shakespeare, William
Sir John Shakespeare William; Gilbert
Andrew Matthews
Burns, Robert, Shakespeare, William
William And Rockwell Kent Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William, Werstine, Paul
Shakespeare, William; Gill, Roma
William; Sparknotes Shakespeare
William [ Shakespeare Shakspeare
Neil Freeman William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare, William; Gilbert, John; Cruikshank, George; Dudley, R [illus.]
Shakespeare, William, ,Lee, Sidney, Sir,
Folger Shakespeare Library - William Shakespeare
A. L. Rowse, A. R. Humphreys, Barbara A. Mowat, David Bevington, Diana Stewart, Harley Granville-Barker, John Wilders, Maurice Charney, Michael...
Shakespeare, William, ,Oxford University Press,Lee, Sidney, Sir,
Shakespeare, William, and Langbaum, Robert (Editor)
Shakespeare, William; Gilbert, John; Cruikshank; George; Dudley, R [illus.]
Shakespeare, William;Werstine, Paul [editor]; Mowat, Barbara A. [editor]
A. L. Rowse, Andrew Gurr, David Bevington, Frances E. Dolan, John Wilders, Kenneth Muir, Peter Alexander, Richard Adams, Roma Gill, William...
Fitzgerald, F Scott; Saint Augustine; Thomas Mann; Machiavelli; Thomas Paine; Giovanni Boccaccio; Goethe; Henry James; Michel de Montaigne;...
Irvine, Louva Elizabeth; English Literature Study Guides
Shakespeare, William / Wright, Louis B (Ed)
Shakespeare, William, ,Lee, Sidney, Sir, ,Shakespeare, William,
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Lee, Sidney, Sir, 1859-1926
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616,Lee, Sidney, Sir, 1859-1926,Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
Shakespeare, William, and Clemen, Wolfgang (Editor)
Shakespeare, William, and Full Drama Cast
Shakespeare, William, and Gill, Roma (Editor)
Shakespeare, William, and McKellan, Ian (Read by)
Shakespeare, William, and Newlin, Nick (Editor)
Shakespeare, William, and Rasmussen, Eric, PH.D. (Editor), and Bate, Jonathan (Introduction by)
Shakespeare, William, and Stevenson, David L (Editor)
Shakespeare, William, and Thomas, Matt (Adapted by), and Arnold, Brandon (Adapted by)
Shakespeare, William, and West, Samuel (Read by), and Root, Amanda (Read by)
Shakespeare, William; (editors) Wright, Louis B.; LaMar, Virginia A
Shakespeare, William; Barnet, Sylvan; Tanner, Tony; Burto, William; Vendler, Helen
Shakespeare, William; Dover Wilson, John; Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur [Editor]
Shakespeare, William; Holland, Peter [Editor]
Shakespeare, William; Orgel, Stephen [Editor]
Shakespeare, William;Furnivall, F. J. and Boswell-Stone, W. G. editors
Shakespeare, William]: Hubbard, James M , et al [comps
[Shakespeare, William]; Lee, Sir Sidney; Hutton, Ven, Archdeacon; Leeds, E T
SHAKESPEARE, William (Edited by Louis B. Wright & Virginia A LaMar)
Shakespeare, William Prepared By Charlton Hinman
William Shakespeare (Author); Louis B. Wright (Editor); Virginia A. LaMar (Editor)
Shakespeare, William. (Introduction by John Quincy Adams)
Shakespeare, William; Louis B. Wright and Virginia A. Lamar (editors)
William; William Shakespeare (Author); Louis B. Wright and Virginia A. LaMar (Edited by) Shakespeare
[Shakespeare, William] John Rylands Library