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Rudyard Kipling
Jonathan Swift
Baum, L. Frank / Kipling, Rudyard
John Hartoch
Rudyard J.lockwood Kipling Kipling
Kipling, Rudyard, Ainsworth, Alison
Walt Disney
Rudyard - M. & E. Detmold Kipling
Rudyard und Heinrich Temborius Kipling
Rudyard; Bedford Annie North Kipling
Disney, Walt / Kipling, Rudyard
Rudyard Englische Literatur - Kipling
Indien - Kipling Rudyard
Jerome K. and Rudyard Kipling Jerome
Killion, Bette;Kipling, Rudyard
KIPLING, Rudyard [DETMOLD, M. & E.]
Rudyard [retold By Ainsworth Kipling
Rudyard and Valentina Mai Kipling
Kipling, Rudyard Butcher, Sam
Rudyard Michael Foreman Kipling
Kipling, Rudyard, And Mayan, Earl
Rudyard. Alan Langford Kipling
Rudyard. Illust. by Don Daily Kipling
Kipling, Rudyard; Kincaid, Lucy
Rudyard; Walt Disney Company Kipling
Kipling, Rudyard; Young, Lesley
Kiplings Rudyard~Rowe Eric
L. Frank Baum and Rudyard Kipling
Diane Wright Landolf
Laughton, Sheila, and Kipling, Rudyard
Moore, Jenny/ Kipling, Rudyard (ADP)
Retold by Carl Bowen
Rudyard ROMAN - Kipling
Frank Kipling Rudyard and Baum
Rudyard Kipling; G.C. Barrett
Young, Lesley; Kipling,Rudyard

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Gilden, Mel; Sommers, Stephen; Kipling, Rudyard
Kipling, Rudyard, and Press, Summit Classic (Editor), and Bandy, G Edward (Introduction by)
Retold from the Rudyard Kipling original
Rudyard Kipling, English Nobel laureate, Inner Hinges slightly starting cracked, Illustrated B/W Watt Drake & John Lockwood Kipling (, Blank...
Twain, Mark & Kipling, Rudyard & Cox, Palmer & Roosevelt, Theodore & Pyle, Howard
Lewis, Jean and adapted f/the Mowgli Stories by Rudyard Kipling, Illustrated by Walt Disney Motion Picture
Kincaid, Eric; Barrie, J.M.; Carroll, Lewis; Grahame, Kenneth; Kipling, Rudyard
Kipling, Rudyard / Kipling, J. Lockwood (Illustr.) / Drake, W. H. (Illustr.)
Kipling, Rudyard, and General Books (Creator)
Kipling, Rudyard, And Hannon, Holly (Illustrator)
Kipling, Rudyard, and Lee, Russell (Editor)
Kipling, Rudyard, and Li, Yongyi (Translated by)
Kipling, Rudyard; (J.L. Kipling, W.H. Drake, P. Frenzeny Illustrations), Illustrator: Kipling, J.L., W.H. Drake, P. Fren
Kipling, Rudyard; Maurice and Edward Detmold, ill
Kipling, Rudyard; Stenzel, Helmut George (Hg);
Power, Tracey, and Kipling, Rudyard (Original Author)
Kipling, Rudyard (adapted from His stories); Told By Annie North Bedford
Rudyard Kipling, Jean-Blaise Mitildji, Tieko
Rudyard Kipling; J. L. Kipling, W. H. Drake, P. Frenzeny (illustrators)
Kipling, Rudyard Retold By Alison Ainsworth
Kipling, Rudyard; adapted from the Mowgli stories
Twain, Mark & Kipling, Rudyard Cox, Palmer