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Flavius Josephus
Josephus, Flavius; Whiston, William
Harvard Medical School Commission
Flavius. William Whiston Josephus
JOSEPHUS (Flavius).
Josephus, Flavius, William Whiston
William Whiston

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Josephus, Flavius, Whiston, William, 1667-1752, Smith, William D., B. Ca. 1800, Prud'Homme, John Francis Eugene, 1800-1892,...
Josephus, Flavius,Whiston, William, 1667-1752
Josephus, Flavius; Translated By Whiston, William
Josephus, Flavius, Traill, Robert, 1642-1716, Taylor, Isaac, 1787-1865
Josephus, Flavius,Whiston, William, 1667-1752,Burder, Samuel, 1773-1837
Josephus, Flavius,Burder, Samuel,Whiston, William, 1667-1752
Josephus, Whiston, Flavius Josephus, William Whiston
Isaac Taylor, Flavius Josephus, Robert Traill
Josephus, Flavius, William Whiston translation as revised by D. S. Margoliouth
Josephus, Translated By G. A. Williamson
Josephus. Flavius, translated by H St J Thackeray and Ralph Marcus., edited and
Josephus, Flavius,Walsh, William Shepard, 1854-1919
Flavius, Josephus \ Whiston, William [Trans.]
Josephus Flavius [Joseph Ben Matityahu, Yosef; Titus] / Cornfeld, Gaalya [Ed.]
Josephus, Flavius; with Whiston, William & Burder, Samuel (eds.)
Flavius Josephus (The William Whiston Translation)
Moshe Dayan; additional contributions by Uzi Narkiss, Josephus Flavius and Georges Israel; Illustrated by Raymond Moretti
Josephus, Flavius) Whiston, William (editor), Burder, Samuel (Revised by)
Josephus, Flavius, translated by Late William Whiston, M.A., Revised & Illustrated with Notes by rev. Samuel Burder, A. M. , Inner Hinges Starting...
Josephus, Flavius,Whiston, William, 1667-1752, tr
Josephus, Flavius; William Whiston (transl.); Rev. Samuel Burder (revisions, notes)
Josephus, [Flavius] (explanatory notes & observations by William Whiston; revisions & notes by The Rev. Samuel Burder)
Josephus, Flavius (translated from the original Greek by William Whiston)
Josephus, Flavius / Translated by William Whiston
Josephus, Flavius [Translated by Ebenezer Thompson and William Charles Price] Titus Flavius Josephus (37 - c. 100) born Joseph ben Matityahu...
Flavius Josephus & William Whiston (Translated By)
Flavius Josephus; Ebenezer Thompson; William Charles Price
Flavius Josephus; William Whiston; Siwart Haverkamp; Isaiah Thomas; Ebenezer Turrell Andrews; David Carlisle
Josephus, Flavius; Ebenezer Thompson and William Charles Price (Transl.)
Josephus, Flavius; edited by Nahum N. Glatzer
Josephus, Flavius; William Whiston (trans). The Rev. Samuel Burder (ed).
Josephus Flavius; Translator-William Whiston
JOSEPHUS, Flavius ... translated by Rev. Robert TRAILL, D.D., M.R.I.A.
Josephus, Flavius ; Rieu, E.V.; Radice, Betty; Baldick,Robert