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Thomas A'Kempis
Thomas a Kempis St. Augustine
John Bunyan Thomas A'Kempis
A Thomas
A'KEMPIS, Thomas. STANHOPE, George
a Kempis Thomas, Ronald Klug (Editor)
A Kempis, Thomas; (Lelen, J. M. editor)
A' Kempis. Thomas,
John Payne, Thomas (àKempis)
Thomas `a Kempis
John; Thomas A Kempis Wesley
William Benham

See also:

Thomas a Kempis
Thomas A. Kempis, Dennis J. Billy C.Ss.R.
Thomas Kempis, Thomas à Kempis, S. Abhayananda
A Kempis, Thomas; Knox, Ronald (translator)
Boethius, Thomas A. Kempis, Sir Thomas Browne
Thomas A. Kempis, John Wesley (Translator)
Thomas á Kempis, Charles W. Eliot (Editor), Edward B. Pusey (Translator)
a Kempis, Thomas; Edgar Daplyn, F.R.S.L.
Benham, William, 1831-1910,Thomas, àKempis, 1380-1471
Dibdin, Thomas Frognall, 1776-1847,Thomas, àKempis, 1380-1471,Robinson, John Henry, 1796-1871,Whittingham, Charles, 1795-1876 (printer)
Henry Drummond, Russell Conwell, James Allen, Brother Lawrence, Thomas A. Kempis
Kempis, Thomas A; Fitzpatrick, Clare L., Editor
Smith, Edmund, Nicholas Rowe and Thomas Southern
Thomas A. Kempis, John Payne (Translator), Thomas Chalmers (Introduction)