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Victor Hugo
T. Jeanette Steiner
Hugo, Victor; Christopher, Tracy
Hugo, Victor; Ford, Michael (RTL)
Hugo, Victor, Lang, Andrew
Stewart, Diana; Hugo, Victor
Victor, Nodier, Charles Hugo
Hugo, Victor, -,Shoberl, Frederic, -
Hugo, Victor/ Davidson, Frederick (NRT)
Kelly, Tim; Hugo, Victor
Victor Marie Hugo
Arcadia Entertainment, Hugo, Victor
Hader, Hugo, Victor
Victor Tout Ann Hugo
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885
Hugo, Victor, and Bair, Lowell
Hugo, Victor; Cerasini, Marc
Hugo, Victor; Hapgood, Isabel F
Hugo, Victor; Vogel, Malvina G.
L. L. Owens
Victor (Creator) Hugo
Elaine Kirn Victor Hugo

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Victor Hugo
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VICTOR HUGO , Front DJ flap retains printed $1. issue price and has an unusual bookseller's ID label (Steimatzky's, Jerusalem - Tel Aviv - Haifa)...
VICTOR HUGO , Priceclipped. Grey & White Rockwell Kent endpapers, Dust jacket design by Paul Galdone, Translated from the French
Edgar Allan Poe, Jack London, Sir Walter Scott, Victor Hugo, Kippling,; others
Gina Ingoglia and Robbin Cuddy and Victor Hugo
Hugo, Victor, and Alger, A L (Translated by)
Hugo, Victor, and Hallepee, Didier (Preface by)
Hugo, Victor, and Krailsheimer, Alban (Translated by)
Hugo, Victor; Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan; Sandburg, Carl; Hilton, James
Hugo, Victor; Vogel, Malvina G.; Pablo Marcos Studio
Laemmle, Carl; Chaney, Lon; Hugo, Victor
Pablo Marcos Studio, Vogel, Malvina G., Hugo, Victor
Sewell, Anna; Stevenson, Robert Louis; Dickens, Charles; Kipling, Rudyard; Hugo, Victor; Scott, Sir Walter; London, Jack; Poe, Edgar Allan
Hugo, Victor & Andre Maurois & Walter J. Cobb
Victor Hugo; Hader; Translator-Lowell Bair