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Victor Hugo
Hugo, Victor; Lang, Andrew
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885
Disney Studios Victor Hugo
Christopher, Tracy; Hugo, Victor
Hugo, Victor & Lowell Bair (translator)
Hader, Hugo, Victor
Hugo, Victor Marie, Comte
Hugo, Victor; Hapgood, Isabel F
Hugo, Victor; Vogel, Malvina G.
Van Gool
adapted by Ronald Kidd Victor Hugo
Victor Marie Hugo
Victor; Vogel, Malvina G (adaptor) Hugo

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Victor Hugo; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Carl Sandburg, & James Hilton
Gina Ingoglia and Robbin Cuddy and Victor Hugo
HUGO, Victor / DOYLE, Arthur Conan / SANDBURG, Carl / HILTON, James
Hugo, Victor, and Krailsheimer, Alban (Translated by)
Laemmle, Carl; Chaney, Lon; Hugo, Victor