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His Majesty's Special Command
James Frey
Warwick James Price
W. S. Auchincloss
Jacob W Ehrlich
George M. Lamsa
Alexander Flinder
Woodrow Kroll
F. S. Rhoades
Thomas Stackhouse
Brighton PressDeLoss MCGRAW
Translator Anthony Purver
Cunningham Geikie
John Hopkins GOD/Thomas Sternhold
Gutterman, Leon (Editor)
Jean Hersholt (ed.)
John B Kenyon
Not Credited
Thomas A. Biddle
See Notes Multiple Contributors
17TH CENTURY BIBLE - King James Version
Valenti Angelo
Bible- English
Fr. Thomas M. O. S. M. Ferrazzi
Fore-Edge Painting] Fore-edge Painting
Donald Jackson
George Lamsa
Leamington Book Shop
Masonry Masonic
B Metzger
Not Appropriate
Leonard T Pearson
Russell Boatman
Thomas Scott
A. B. Simpson
Noah Webster
A Bearded Desert Forefather
American Revision Commmittee
betty b. hopper
Bible. English. . Geneva–Tomson–Junius
BIBLE. Geneva.
Brown, Aaron (Compiled By)
Don Church
Alexander Cruden
Cunningham Geikie D.D.
J. W. Ehrlich
Warwick. ELWIN
Harrison, G.M.E.; Harrison, Jill
Herrey, Robart [Robert] F
Geoffrey HODSON
HOLMES, Oliver Wendell]
J A N. M
King James
No author.
Oxford University Staff
Douglas A. Rankin
Rev. Mark Sexson
Riverside Book & Bible
Rogers, Bruce [notes By Carey s Bliss]
C. I. Scofield
Thomas M. Ferrazzi
W. I. Thomas
C. L. Turnage
John Williamson Tyler
W S Auchincloss
Washburn College Bible).
Worth Smith

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Buttrick, George Arthur; Walter Russell Bowie; Paul Scherer; John Knox; Samuel Terrien; Nolan B. Harmon
Bible. English. Authorized (i.e., "King James Version)
Bible. English. . Authorized (i.e., "King James Version")
Authorised Version Presentation Leather Bible
Brown, Ronald K. [Compiler]; Brown, Ronald K. [Editor];
Commentaries of Henry & Scott condensed by the Rev. John M'Farlane, LL.D., London
Divine of the Church of England
ENGLISH BIBLE -- HOLE, William, engr. (d. 1624) – BARKER, Robert, print. (d. 1645)
Francis Cardinal Spellman (Imprimatur); Catholic Book Publishing Company Staff
GOD , Introduction to the Sacred Books and a Commentary By The Rev. Matthew Henry
J.B. Stoner - Christian Anti-Jewish Party
John Locke : Revised and Improved By William Dodd
Henry, Matthew (with John Stoughton & Sir J Bickerton Williams)
Ruscha, Ed and Raymond Pettibon (Art); Kathleen Stewart Howe, Ed Hamilton, Dave Hickey (Text)
STACKHOUSE, Thomas - A. M. Curate of Finchley [ Later Vicar of Beenham, in Berkshire ] [ Sir George Fleming - Dean & Bishop of Carlisle
Various; making use of commentaries by Poole, Henry, Wesley and Coke