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James Frey
Jacob W Ehrlich
Bible. English. Authorized (i.e., "King James Version")
Warwick James Price
W. S. Auchincloss
George M. Lamsa
Woodrow M. Kroll
Not credited
Alexander Flinder
Brighton PressDeLoss MCGRAW
English Bible
BINDING, Bartlett, Roger
Church of England
T.H. Darlow
John Hopkins GOD/Thomas Sternhold
Gutterman, Leon (Editor)
John B Kenyon
Leamington Book Shop
Michael Satlow
Thomas A. Biddle
White, E. B. (Association)
John G Whittier
Pennyroyal Press
Valenti Angelo
Arthur Szyk (illus)
Authorised King James Version
Bible. English. Geneva
BIBLE. Geneva
George G Brown
Cunningham Geikie
Eadie, Rev John (Editor)
Fr. Thomas M. O. S. M. Ferrazzi
Donald Jackson
Masonry Masonic
Not Appropriate
Leonard T Pearson
Lee Perry
Rev. Dr. F.S. Rhoades
Thomas Scott
A. B. Simpson
W. I. Thomas
Noah Webster
Richardson Wright
A Bearded Desert Forefather
American Bible Society
American Revision Commmittee
Arthur S. Maxwell
betty b. hopper
Brown, Aaron (Compiled By)
Augustin Calmet
Don Church
Alexander Cruden
Cunningham Geikie D.D.
Warwick. ELWIN
Gibbons, James Cardinal [Editor]
Geoffrey HODSON
HOLMES, Oliver Wendell]
Langston Hughes
John A. Dickson Publishing Company
King James
L W De Laurence
Majesty's Special Command
B Metzger
Yeshayahu Nir
No author.
Douglas A. Rankin
Rev. Thomas Stackhouse
F. S. Rhoades
Riverside Book & Bible
Rogers, Bruce [notes By Carey s Bliss]
Russell Boatman
C. I. Scofield
Thomas M. Ferrazzi
C. L. Turnage
John Williamson Tyler
W S Auchincloss
H. B. Waterman
William Edward Biederwolf
Worth Smith

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The Holy Bible
Buttrick, George Arthur; Walter Russell Bowie; Paul Scherer; John Knox; Samuel Terrien; Nolan B. Harmon
Thompson, Bradbury, designer. Frontispieces by Joseph Albers
(John Cook; autograph) / St. Andrews Church, Quebec/Canada
Commentaries of Henry & Scott condensed by the Rev. John M'Farlane, LL.D., London
Francis Cardinal Spellman (Imprimatur); Catholic Book Publishing Company Staff
Henry, Matthew (with John Stoughton & Sir J Bickerton Williams)
Ruscha, Ed and Raymond Pettibon (Art); Kathleen Stewart Howe, Ed Hamilton, Dave Hickey (Text)
The First KJV Bible Printed in Scotland - KING JAMES VERSION
Various; making use of commentaries by Poole, Henry, Wesley and Coke