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Henry Fielding
Edmund Gosse
Fielding, Henry; Sherburn, George (Ed)
Frank Kermode Henry Fielding
Fielding, Henry(1707-1754)
1707-1754 Fielding
Fielding, Henry / Caspi, Esther [Tr.]
Henry Esq Fielding
Henry T. M. Cleland FIELDING
Fielding, Henry, Battestin, Martin
Henry; G. H. Maynadier Fielding
Fielding, Henry; Stott, W R S [illus.]
Tom Fielding
Henry (1707-1754) Fielding
Henry F...
Walter Scott

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Fielding, Henry; Louis Kronenberger (Introduction)
Fielding, Henry; with an afterword by Frank Kermode
Fielding, Henry with Warren Chappell (illus)
Fielding, Henry & Rowlandson, Thomas (Illus.
Wilkie Collins, William, Charles Dickens and Henry Fielding
Collins, William Wilkie, Dickens, Charles, Fielding, Henry
Henry Fielding, Edmund Gosse (Introduction)
Fielding, Henry; Howe, Merrill L. (Introduction, Abridgement)
Fielding, Henry; Hutchins, Robert Maynard; Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc
Henry Fielding; Editor-Robert Maynard Hutchins
DeFoe, Daniel; Henry Fielding; T Smollett; Laurence Sterne; Illustrated by George Cruikshank
Fielding, Henry \ Caspi, Esther [Trans.] \ Mendilow, A. A. [Preface]
Fielding, Henry/Cleland, T.M. (illus)/Kronenberger, Louis (intro)
Fielding, Henry; Cleland, T M (illus ); Kronenberger, Louis (intro
Fielding, Henry; Fielding, William; Fielding, William
Fielding, Henry; Roscoe, Thomas (Editor)
Fielding, Henry & Thomas Rowlandson Illustrator: Illustrated by Thomas Rowlandson
Henry (Illustrations By G. Spencer Pryse) Fielding
Fielding, Henry / George Saintbury (editor)
Henry Fielding; Illustrator-Illustrations by Thomas Rowlandson
Henry Fielding; Introduction-George Sherburn
Fielding, Henry Illustrated by: Illustrated by Thomas Rowlandson
Henry Illustrations By T M Cleland Fielding
Fielding, Henry With T. M. Cleland (Illus).
Fielding, Henry. Introduction By Wilbur Cross
Fielding, Henry; Editors Robert Maynard Hutchins And Mortimer Adler
Fielding, Henry; G. Spencer Pryse [Illustrator]
Fielding, Henry; introduction and commentary by Martin C Battestin; edited by Fredson Bowers; illustrations by Warren Chappell
Fielding, Henry; William Allan Neilson; Charles W. Eliot
Henry. Cleland, T. M. (Illus. ) Fielding