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by Livy translated by George Baker
Livy,Spillan, Daniel, 1797?-1854
Livy; D. Spillan and Cyrus Edmonds
Livy (Foster, B.O., trans.)
Livy (Moore, Frank Gardner, trans.)
Aubrey De Sélincourt
Livy (Schlesinger, Alfred C., trans.)
Livy (Titus Livius Patauinus)
Ill by Raffaele Scorzelli Livy
Moore, F G (Translator)
E. T. Sage

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CLASSICS OF ROME AND GREECE, etc., etc, Tacitus; Cicero; Dante; Thucydides; Robert Graves; Seneca; Herodotus; Exquemelin; Euripides; Vasari;...
LIVY translated and annotated by RADICE, BETTY with an introduction by OGILVIE
Livy Translator: Selincourt, Aubrey De Illustrator: Raffaele Scorzelli
Livius, Titus; Spillan, D. & Edmonds, Cyrus (Translators)
Livy; Translated by Moses Hadas & Joe P. Poe
Titi Livi; Titus Livy; Robertus Seymour Conway et Carolus Flamstead Walters (editors) R.S. Conway; C.F. Walters