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Livy,Spillan, Daniel, 1797?-1854
Livy (Moore, Frank G., trans.)
Livy; D. Spillan and Cyrus Edmonds
Livy (Foster, B.O., trans.)
Livy (Schlesinger, Alfred C., trans.)
by Livy translated by George Baker
Nicola Simmons
Livy (Titus Livius Patauinus)
Charles William Stocker Livy
LIVY. [LIVIUS, Titus].

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LIVY translated and annotated by RADICE, BETTY with an introduction by OGILVIE
CLASSICS OF ROME AND GREECE, etc., etc, Tacitus; Cicero; Dante; Thucydides; Robert Graves; Seneca; Herodotus; Exquemelin; Euripides; Vasari;...
Livy Translator: Selincourt, Aubrey De Illustrator: Raffaele Scorzelli
Livy [Titus Livius] (Auth.); de Selincourt, Aubrey (Trans.); Scorzelli, Raffaele (Illus.)
Livy; de Selincourt, Aubrey (Translator); Ogilvie, R.M. (Introduction); Oakley, S.P. (Appendix & Bibliography); Rabb, Theodore K. (Preface)
Livy; Translated by Moses Hadas & Joe P. Poe
Titi Livi; Titus Livy; Robertus Seymour Conway et Carolus Flamstead Walters (editors) R.S. Conway; C.F. Walters
Livy, translated and Annotated By Betty Radice with an Introduction By R. M. Ogilvie