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Cornelius Tacitus
Caius Cornelius Tacitus
P. Cornelius Tacitus
Tacitus Cornelius
Publius Cornelius Tacitus
Tacitus, Cornelius,Tyler, William Seymour, . [from old catalog]
Tacitus, Cornelius,Murphy, Arthur, , ed
W.S. Tyler
Alfred Denis Godley Cornelius Tacitus
William Seymour Tyler
Albert William Quill Cornelius Tacitus
C. Cornelius. Tacitus
Cornelius. Church Tacitus
Irvine A L (Ed)
Livy, Titus; Tacitus, C. Cornelius
Cornelius Tacitus - Arthur Murphy
Tacitus (Cornelius)
Tacitus Trans Moore And Jackson
C. Cornelius. TACITUS
Tacitus. Publius Cornelius
Tacitus; A. D. Godley (Ed. )
Translator Tacitus; W. Hamilton Fyfe
W A Spooner (Intro) Tacitus

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Tacitus, Cornelius,Simcox, William Henry
Tacitus, Cornelius,Godley, A. D. (Alfred Denis),
Tacitus, Cornelius,Fyfe, W. Hamilton (William Hamilton),
Tacitus, P. Cornelius--Hutchins, Robert Maynard And Adler, Mortimer J. (Editors)
Tacitus, P. Cornelius. Church, Alonso John. Brodribb, William Jackson
Tacitus, P. Cornelius; Hutchins, Robert Maynard (Series Editor-In-Chief)
Caesar, Gaius Julius; Tacitus, Publius Cornelius
Tacitus, Cornelius,Murphy, Arthur, 1727-1805, ed
Alfred John Church, Cornelius Annales B Tacitus, William Jackson Brodribb
Alfred John Church, William Jackson Brodribb, Cornelius Tacitus
Cornelius Annales B Tacitus, Arthur Murphy
Cornelius Tacitus (Translated by Richard Grenewey and Henry Savile)
Tacitus, Cornelius; Kenneth Wellesley (Ed. )
Tacitus, P. Cornelius; Robert M. Hutchins (Editor)
Tacitus, Cornelius,Church, Alfred John, . trl,Brodribb, William Jackson, . trl
Tacitus, Cornelius,Fyfe, W. Hamilton (William Hamilton), . tr
Tacitus, Cornelius,Godley, A. D. (Alfred Denis), 1856-1925
Tacitus, Cornelius,Williston, Ebenezer Bancroft, . [from old catalog]
Tacitus, Cornelius. Church, Alfred John,; Brodribb, William Jackson,; Hadas, Moses,
Tacitus; Moore, Clifford H. (Translator)
Tacitus, Cornelius (Edited by Rhiannon Ash)
William Henry Simcox, Cornelius Annales B Tacitus
Cornelius,Godley, A. D. (Alfred Denis), Tacitus
Cornelius,Tyler, William Seymour, . [from old catalog] Tacitus
Tacitus, Cornelius,Church, Alfred John, 1829-1912. trl,Brodribb, William Jackson, 1829-1905. trl
Tacitus, Cornelius. Vol. 1: Translator's dedication signed Richard Greenvvey [fl. 1598]. Vol. 2: Savile, Sir Henry, 1549-1622, translator.
Tacitus; Clifford H. Moore & John Jackson (Translators)
Cornelius Annales B Tacitus, W Hamilton 1878 Fyfe