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Stephen King
based on a book by Stephen King
King, Stephen & Whelan, Michael
King Stephen (Creative Director)

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Stephen King
Stephen, David, Peter, Furth, Robin King
David, Peter; Furth, Robin; King, Stephen
King, Stephen Michael Whelan, Phil Hale, Ned Dameron, Dave McKean, Bernie Wrightson & Darrel Anderson
King, Stephen Thomas M Disch, Algis Budrys, C J Cherryh, Gahan Wilson, Michael Bishop, Isaac Asimov, Charles Sheffield, Pat Cadigan, John Brunner
King, Stephen, Robin Furth, and Peter David
Stephen King -- John Brunner; Larry Niven & Dian Girard; John Shirley; Nancy Kress; Alan Ryan; Lisa Tuttle; Michael D. Taylor; Isaac Asimov;