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Apuleius Thomas Taylor
Robert Graves
Apuleius, Mary Tighe, Hudson Gurney
Lucius; Walter Pater Apuleius
Apuleius. Adlington, W., Tr.
William Adlington
Adlington, William, Trans
Adlington, William; Darton, F.J. Harvey
J. Arthur Apuleius And Hanson
Walter Apuleius Lucius. Pater
Apuleius; Graves, Robert (translator)
Dulac, Edmund, Illus.]; Apuleius Lucius
Mary Tighe Apuleius
T J Mathias
Rouse, W.H.D., Editor
W. Adlington (Trans)
Walter Pater [Lusius Apuleius]

See also:

Apuleius,Adlington, William, fl. 1566,Gaselee, S. (Stephen), 1882-1943
Apuleius,Butler, Harold Edgeworth, 1878-1951
Apuleius, Lucius; Aldington, William (Trans)
Apuleius,Gurney, Hudson, 1775-1864. Cupid and Psyche,Tighe, Mary (Blachford) 1772-1810. Psyche
Lucius Apuleius; Translator W. Aldington; An Essay Charles Whibley
Apuleius; Graves, Robert (New Translation)
Apuleius; A New Translation by Graves, Robert
Robert Graves (Translator), APULEIUS (Author)
Apuleius / Lucius Apuleius Platonicus, c. / -c. . Adlington, William, fl. Whibley, Charles
Apuleius Of Madaura; Translated By H. E. Butler
Apuleius, Adlington, William, Fl. 1566, Gaselee, S. (Stephen), 1882-1943
Apuleius,Adlington, William, fl. 1566, tr,Whibley, Charles, 1859-1930, ed
Apuleius,Gurney, Hudson, 1775-1864, tr,Mathias, Thomas James, 1754?-1835
Apuleius / Lucius Apuleius Platonicus, c. / -c
Tacitus; Virgil; Apuleius; Caesar; A Kempis; Waddell (ed.)
Tacitus; Virgil; Apuleius; Lucretius; Caesar; A Kempis; Waddell (ed.)
Adlington, William; Edited By F.J. Harvey Darton; Illustrations By Philip Hagreen