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Karl Marx
Karl & Engels, Frederick (Edited w/Intro, R. Pascal) Marx
Karl & Frederick Engels Marx
Engels, Friedrich; Marx, Karl
Friedrcih Engels Karl Marx
Karl (1818-1883) Marx
Marx, Karl and Engels, Friedrich
Marx, Karl, & Frederick Engels
Frederick Marx Karl & Engels
F Marx Karl & Engels
Fredrerick Marx Karl And Engels
Friedrich Marx Karl and Engels
Marx, Karl; Engels, Frederich
Karl and Engels Marx
Frederich Marx Karl; Engels
C. Arthur
Karl and Engels Frederick Marx

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Karl Marx
Marx, Karl & Friedrich (Frederick) Engels
Marx, Karl; Engles, Frederick; C. J. Arthur (Editor)
Karl; Engels, Frederick; Arthur, C.J. Marx
Marx, Karl & Friedrich Engels; Arthur, Christopher John
Arthur, C. J. (edited with an introduction), Karl Marx and Frederick Engels