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Sigmund Freud
Freud, Sigmund; Robson-Scott, W.D., Trans.; Strachey, James, Ed
S. Freud
Sigmund (1856-1939) Freud
Sigmund Freud. James Strachey.

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Sigmund Freud
Sigmund; Robson-Scott, W. D. (translator) Freud
Freud, Sigmund; Robson-Scott, W. D. (translator)
Freud, Sigmund; Robson-Scott, W.D. [Translator]
Freud, Sigmund) Robson-Scott, W.D.(William Douglas) (trans)
Freud, Sigmund ; James Strachey and Anna Freud (eds. ).
Freud, Sigmund (Trans W. D. Robson-Scott, Edit James Strachey).
Freud, Sigmund; (translator) Robson-Scott, W. D.
Freud, Sigmund (trans. J A Underwood & Shaun Whiteside)
Freud, Sigmund [Translated by W. D. Robson-Scott] Ernest Jones
Sigmund Freud; Translated From The German Under The General Editorship Of James Strachey; In Collaboration With Anna Freud;...
Freud, Sigmund; trans by W.D. Robson-Scott; revised & edited by James Strachey
Freud, Sigmund; Translated By W. D. Robson-Scott
Freud, Sigmund (M.D., LL.D.); Robson-Scott, W.D. (Translater); Jones, Ernest (M.
Freud, Sigmund; with Robson-Scott, W. D., trans.; Jones, Ernest, ed
Freud, Sigmund; Each Volume with an Introduction By Peter Gay