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Charles Baudelaire
Cyril Scott Charles P Baudelaire
Francis Baudelaire]; Duke
G Dillon
Egan, Beresford; Alcok, C Bower
Hosoe, Eikoh, Baudelaire, Charles

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Baudelaire, Charles
Baudelaire, Charles, 1821-1867, Scott, Cyril, 1879-1970
Baudelaire, Charles; Egan, Beresford; Alcock, C. Bower
Baudelaire, Charles; Fowlie, Wallace [Editor/Translator]
Baudelaire, Charles; Howard, Richard, tr.
Baudelaire, Charles / Edited By Marthiel And Jackson Mathews
Baudelaire, Charles. Photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson.
BAUDELAIRE, Charles. Translated by Richard Howard
Baudelaire, Charles & Dillon, George & Millay, Edna St, Vincent
Baudelaire, Charles (Mathews, Marthiel & Jackson Trans)
Baudelaire, Charles and Shanks, Lewis Piaget
Baudelaire, Charles P., Mathews, Marthiel And Mathews, Jackson
Baudelaire, Charles/Laver, James (trans/intro)/Tremois, Pierre-Yves (illus)
Baudelaire, Charles; Dillon, George (Translator); Millay, Edna St. Vincent Millay
Baudelaire, Charles; Mathews, Marthiel; Jackson (Edited By)
Baudelaire, Charles; Tremois, Pierre-Yves (Illus)
(Charles Baudelaire) Dillon, George And Millay, Edna St. Vincent (Translators).
( Henri Cartier-Bresson ). Baudelaire, Charles
Baudelaire, Charles selected and edited by Marthiel & Jackson Mathews
Baudelaire, Charles. (Tr. Norman R. Shapiro)
Baudelaire, Charles. Marthiel And Jackson Mathews, Editors
Baudelaire, Charles. Pierre-Yves Tremois (illustrator)
Baudelaire, Charles. Translated by Francis Duke.
Baudelaire, Charles. Translated into English verse by various hands. Edited with an introduction and notes by James Laver
Baudelaire, Charles. Translations by Geoffrey Wagner. Introduction by Enid Starkie
Baudelaire, Charles; Beresford Egan & C. Bower Alcock
Baudelaire, Charles; Jacques Leclerc (Trans. )
Baudelaire, Charles; Translated by Richard Howard; illustrated by Michael Mazur