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Charles Baudelaire
Cyril Scott Charles P Baudelaire
Baudelaire, Charles & O'Connor, Ulick
Baudelaire, Charles; Laver, James (Tra.
Francis Baudelaire]; Duke
Beresford & C. Bower Alcock Egan
Hosoe, Eikoh, Baudelaire, Charles
Inky Parrot Press) Baudelaire (Charles)

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Baudelaire, Charles
Baudelaire, Charles. Marthiel and Jackson Mathews
Baudelaire, Charles, 1821-1867,Scott, Cyril, 1879-1970
Baudelaire, Charles; Laver, James [transl.]
Baudelaire, Charles, 1821-1867, Scott, Cyril, 1879-1970
Baudelaire, Charles (Mathews, Marthiel & Jackson Trans)
Baudelaire, Charles - Mathew, Martiel & Jackson (eds.)
Baudelaire, Charles; Egan, Beresford; Alcock, C. Bower
Baudelaire, Charles / Edited By Marthiel And Jackson Mathews
( Henri Cartier-Bresson ) Baudelaire, Charles
BAUDELAIRE, Charles Translated by Richard Howard
Baudelaire, Charles & Dillon, George & Millay, Edna St, Vincent
Baudelaire, Charles P, and Mathews, Marthiel (Editor), and Mathews, Jackson (Editor)
Baudelaire, Charles) Dillon, George & St. Vincent Millary, Edna trans/ed.
Baudelaire, Charles, George Dillon, And Edna St. Vincent Millay
Baudelaire, Charles, Translated In English Verse By Cyril Scott
Baudelaire, Charles-(Kraetzer, Arthur F, Md-Translator
Baudelaire, Charles/Laver, James (trans/intro)/Tremois, Pierre-Yves (illus)
Baudelaire, Charles; Dillon, George (Translator); Millay, Edna St. Vincent Millay
Baudelaire, Charles; Fowlie, Wallace [Editor/Translator]
Baudelaire, Charles; Tremois, Pierre-Yves [Illustrator]
(Charles Baudelaire) Dillon, George And Millay, Edna St. Vincent (Translators).
Charles Baudelaire; Charles Pierre Baudelaire
Charles Baudelaire; Eugene Karlin [Illustrator]
Charles Baudelaire; George Dillon [Translator]; Edna St. Vincent Millay [Foreword];
Baudelaire, Charles selected and edited by Marthiel & Jackson Mathews
Baudelaire, Charles w/editing by Marthiel & Jackson Mathews (selectors)
Baudelaire, Charles W/Trans. By Jacques Leclercq
Baudelaire, Charles. George Dillon. Edna St. Vincent Millay.
Baudelaire, Charles. Pierre-Yves Tremois (illustrator)
Baudelaire, Charles. Translated by Francis Duke.
Baudelaire, Charles. Translated into English verse by various hands. Edited with an introduction and notes by James Laver
Baudelaire, Charles; Beresford Egan & C. Bower Alcock
Baudelaire, Charles; Jacques Leclerc (Trans. )
Baudelaire, Charles; Translated by Richard Howard; illustrated by Michael Mazur