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Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson
Professor Roy P. Fairfield
Madison James Madison
Clinton Rossiter (Introduction)
Clinton Lawrence Rossiter
A. Hamilton/J. Jay/J. Madiso
Gabriel, Ralph H. (Editor)
Jay, Hamilton, Madison
Madison Hamilton Jay

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Hamilton, Alexander
Alexander, Madison, James, Jay, John Hamilton
HAMILTON, Alexander, MADISON, James & JAY, John
Mill, John Stuart; Hamilton, Alexander; Madison, James; Jay, John
Hamilton, Alexander, John Jay, James Madison; John C. Hamilton (Editor)
HAMILTON, Alexander. with, James Madison. with, John Jay. and, John Stuart Mill
Hamilton, Alexander; Jay, James Madison & John
Publius, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay
Hamilton, Alexander and James Madison and John Jay Papers by); Carl Van Doren (intro)
Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Erastus Howard Scott
Alexander Madison; James Madison; John Jay
Alexander, Madison, James, Jay, John, Goldman, Law Hamilton
Hamilton, Alexander; James Madison; John Jay ( / E.H.Scott (ed.)
Hamilton, Alexander; John Jay and James Madison
Alexander; Madison, James; Jay, John Mill John Stuart; Hamilton
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay; John
Hamilton, A. (Co-Author) Jay, J. (Co-Author) Madison, J. (Co-Author) Hackey, A. (Introduction By)
HAMILTON, Alexander / MADISON, James / JAY, John/ MILL, John Stuart & others
Hamilton, Alexander, and James Madison, John Jay, John Stuart Mill
Hamilton, Alexander, and Rossiter, Clinton Lawrence
Hamilton, Alexander, James Madison & John Jay
Hamilton, Alexander, James Madison, & John Jay, Introduced By Carl Van Doren
Hamilton, Alexander, Madison, James, Jay, John; and edited by Rossiter, Clinton Lawrence
Hamilton, Alexander; Jay, John; Madison, James; Scott, E. H.
Hamilton, Alexander; Madison, James; Jay, John; Mill, John Stuart
John Stuart Mill, John Jay, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton
Robert Maynard Hutchins (Ed), Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, John
United States. Constitution, Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804, Madison, James, 1751-1836, Jay, John, 1745-1829, Hamilton, John...
Webster, Mary E. (Editor), [James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay]