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Abraham Aesop
Charles Santore
George Fyler Townsend Aesop Aesop
Margaret; Aesop Clark
Aesop George Fyler Townsend
Ann McGovern
Tom Paxton
Rh Value Publishing
Edward Aesop. Hodnett
Aesop Grimm Andersen
Thomas Aesop; Bewick
Willis L Aesop; Parker
Belinda Aesop
Thomas Bewick
Caldecott, Randolph, and Aesop
Aesop Christine San Jose
Derwent, Lavinia (Retells) & Aesop
Anne Gatti
Jack Kent
Lucy Kincaid
Jacob Lawrence
John Bryan McFarland
James Ross
Aesop Tom Paxton
Æsop (Aesop); Tenniel, John [illus.]
H Aesop Clarke
Aesop Shewring, W H Jones, David
Aesop's Fables Latin
Aesop, Bewick (Thomas)
Illustrator: Charles H. Bennett Aesop
Aesop, Margaret Clarke, Charlotte Voake
Telemachus Thomas Timayenis Aesop
Val Biro Aesop
Thomas. Aesop. Bewick
Aesop; J. W. M. (Intro)
Janet Aesop; Stevens
Thomas Aesop Bewick
Eric Vincent
Ernest Griset
French, Vivian (Retold by), and Aesop
Aesop Gerald Rose
Jacobs, Joseph, and Caxton, William
Kathleen Bart; Aesop
Rochelle Larkin
Randolph Caldecott
Gerald; Aesop Rose
Townsend, Fyler, and Aesop
Mark Twain
University Press Of New England

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Aesop, small former owner names, Frontispiece Copyright Page, with upwards Illustrations by Harrison Wier, John Tenniel, Ernest Grieset & Others
Aesop,Alice Mills,Lialia Varetsa,Valentin Varetsa
Adriaan van Baarland , Avianus, Lorenzo Astemio, Poggio Bracciolini, Roger L 'Estrange, Aesop
Lawson, Aesop (620-560 BC). Translated By Munro Leaf. Illustrated with Wood Engravings By Robert
Aesop, and Keating, L Clark, Professor, Ph.D. (Translated by), and Keating, Louis Clark (Translated by)
Aesop, and Shapiro, Norman (Translated by)
Aesop, V. S. Vernon Jones, New Translation
Aesop,Croxall, Samuel, d. 1752,Burnham, Thomas O. H. Perry, 1814-1891,Felt, Oliver Selwyn, 1836-1868
Aesop,Vernon Jones, V. S. (Vernon Stanley),Rackham, Arthur, 1867-1939, ill
Andersen, Hans Christian; Aesop; Grimm, Jacob; Grimm, Wilhelm
Croxall, Samuel, d. 1752,Aesop,Houghton, Henry Oscar, 1823-1895,Burnham, Thomas O. H. Perry, 1814-1891,Felt, Oliver Selwyn, 1836-1868
Hans Christian Andersen, Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm, Aesop
Hans Christian Andersen, Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm, Jacob Aesop
Aesop) DALY, Lloyd W (translated and edited by
Mills, Alice, Retold & Edited By / Orig By Aesop & Lear, Edward, Etc, Fully Illustrated in Color By Lialia Varetsa & Valentin Varetsa, Cover...
Telemachus Thomas Timayenis, Telemachus Thomas Aesop