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John Gillies
D P Chase
John Aristotle John Gillies
John Wilson
Louise R. Aristotle; Edited By Loomis
Thomas Taylor
John Henry Muirhead
L H G Ed Greenwood Aristotle Aristotle
Aristotle. Translated by W.D. Ross
Aristotle Aristotle John Burnet
John Muirhead
Louise Ropes (editor) Aristotle; Loomis
Sir David Ross (Ed. )
Thomas Aristotle Thomas Taylor
J. E. C. Welldon
Aristotle Aristoteles
Aristotle (Rackham, H., trans.)
Aristotle [Aristoteles]
Louis Ropes Aristotle And Loomis
Aristotle) Ross, W. D. (Editor)
Aristotle, and Kaplan, Justin
Aristotle, Gillies, John, 1747-1836
St. Augustine Aristotle
Aristotle; Louise Ropes (Editor)
H. Aristotle; Rackham
Aristotle; Rackham, H. [Translator]
Aristotle; Ross, W. D. (editor)
Aristotle; Tr. By W.D. Ross
Justin D. Kaplan

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Aristotle. , Loomis, L. Ropes (edited with Intro by). , MacMahon, J. H. (trans
Muirhead, John H. (John Henry), 1855-1940
Aristotle; Translated By Thomson, J.A.K.
Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Mill, Lao Zi, Uemura, Albert A. Anderson (Editor), Donald Krueger (Illustrator)
Aristotle (W.D. Ross Translation With Intro. By Henry Veatch)
Aristotle, Moore, Edward, 1835-1916, Aristotle
Aristotle/ Akasoy, Anna A./ Fidora, Alexander/ Dunlop, Douglas M./ Akasoy, Anna A. (Editor)/ Dunlop, Douglas M. (Introduction by)
Aristotle; Richard McKeon [Introduction]; Richard McKeon [Editor];
Aristotle; Taylor, C. C. W. (Translator)
Plato; Aristotle; Lucretius; Cicero; Seneca; Robin Waterfield, trans.; A.C. Grayling, pref.; Simon Brett, ill.; Michael Grant; Et. Al