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Thomas Aristotle Thomas Taylor
John Wilson
Louis Ropes Aristotle And Loomis
Aristotle Aristoteles
J.A.K Aristotle; Translated By Thomson
Justin D. Kaplan
Aristotle Aristotle Alexander Grant
Aristotle [Aristoteles]
L H G Ed Greenwood Aristotle Aristotle
Aristotle. Translated by W.D. Ross
John Aristotle John Gillies
John Muirhead
H Rackham
Aristotle, and Kaplan, Justin
Edited By Justin D. Kaplan Aristotle
Aristotle; Louise Ropes Loomis
Aristotle; tr. by W.D. Ross
George Henry Lewes
Louise Ropes (editor) Aristotle; Loomis
John Henry Muirhead
J. A. K. Thomson
M. J. Woods

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Rackham, H. (ed) (Aristoteles, Aristotle)
Aristotle, and Taylor, C C W (Translated by)
Aristotle. , Loomis, L. Ropes (edited with Intro by). , MacMahon, J. H. (trans
Aristotle (edited, by Barnes, J. Schofield, M, Sorabji, R)
Aristotle; edited with Intro by Louise Ropes Loomis
Aristotle; Louise Ropes Loomis [Editor]; Louise Ropes Loomis [Introduction];