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J. P. Sullivan
William Matthews
Donald C. Goertz
Craig A. Williams
Walter C. A. Ker
Martial,Westcott, John Howell,
Paul Nixon Martial
John Howell Westcott Martial Martial
Martial Martial Paul Nixon
Edwin Post
Goertz, Donald C. (Ed.) Martial
Humphries, Rolfe (Translator)
J. H. Westcott (Edited By); Martial
Martial,Bridge, Reginald Turle, ed
Martial,Nixon, Paul,
Martial,Webb, W. T. (William Trego), b.
Martial; Goertz, Donald C. (translator)
trans. by Walter C. A. Martial; Ker.
Martial; Tr. By Donald C. Goertz
HOWELL, Peter. ( Martial)
Walter Ker
Marcus Valerius Martialis Martial
Martial Translated By Paul Nixon
Martial, And Mills, Barriss
John Howell Westcott Martial
Valerius Martial
Martial, Valerius ; West, Alfred
Martial,Nixon, Paul, 1882-1956
Martial,Westcott, John Howell, 1858- ed
MARTIAL. [HALHED, Nathaniel Brassey].
Martial.] [Anon.]
Martial; Hull, K. W. D. (editor)
Martial; Ker, C A (Translator)
Martial; trans. by Walter C. A. Ker.
Martial; Walter C. A. Ker (Trans. )
Post, E (Ed)
Pott & Wright
Pott, J A And Wright, F A
Pott, J.A.; Wright, F.A. (Translation)
Tacitus, Martial, Cicero, Ceasar
Westcott, J. H., Ed

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Martial, Frederick Apthorp Paley, William Henry Stone
ANON. Martial (Marcus Valerius Martialis)
Editor) Martial (R. T. Bridge & E. D. C. Lake
MARTIAL ( Translated by J. A. Pott & F. A. Wright
Martial,Bohn, Henry G. (Henry George), , ed
Martial,Hay, William, , [from old catalog] tr,Cowley, Abraham, . [from old catalog],Pre- Imprint Collection (Library of Congress) DLC [from old...
Martial,Hay, William, , translator,Cowley, Abraham, , author of afterword, colophon, etc
Martial,Lake, E. D. C. (Edward Douglas Cleverly)
Martial; translated by J.A.Pott and F.A.Wright
[Martial], Marcus Valerius Martialis; [Catullus], Gaius Valerius Catullus; Tibullus, Albius; Propertius, Sextus; Gallus,...
William Henry Stone , Frederick Apthorp Paley, Martial
J. A. & Wright, F. A. (Translators) Pott
Pott, J. A. And F.A. Wright (Translators)
Martial. Paley, F. A., & Stone, W. H., Ed.
Martial; Selec. + Trans. By James Michie