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Dante Alighieri
Clive James
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Gustave Dore
Alighieri, Dante Dore, Gustave
Alighieri, Dante; Sinclair, John D.
Alighieri, Dante and Ward, Pam
Alighieri, Dante; Sisson, C H [transl.]
Dante Alighieri on
Pope-Hennessy, John; [Alighieri, Dante]
Dante & John D. Sinclair Alighieri
Dante Barry Moser Alighieri
Alighieri, Dante Grandgent, C. H.
Alighieri, Dante; Forman, Carol
Alighieri, Dante; Mandelbaum, Allen
Alighieri, Dante; Umberto, Romano
Constantinos Mousouros
Dante (Translation By Allen Mandelbaum
John Sinclair Dante Alighieri
Henry Johnson
Thomas Parsons

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Dante Alighieri, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Helen Maitland Armstrong, Margaret Armstrong
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321, Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882, Armstrong, Helen Maitland, B. 1869, Armstrong, Margaret,...
Alighieri, Dante; and Eliot, Charles W. (ed)
Alighieri, Dante; Grandgent, C.H. (Introduction), Carlyle-Wicksteed (Translators)
Alighieri, Dante; Translated By Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Alighieri, Dante / Wright, I. C. (trans.)
Alighieri, Dante; Cary, Henry Francis [Translator]
Alighieri, Dante; Grandgent, C.H; Wilkins, Ernest H.
Alighieri, Dante; Mackenzie, Kenneth [trans.]
DANTE, Alighieri. Translated into English by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Dante, illustrated by Leonard Baskin Alighieri
Victor; Franklin, Benjamin; Carlyle, Thomas; Alighieri, Dante Hugo
Illustrator) William Blake, (Text) Dante Alighieri
Alighieri, Dante & Norton, Charles Eliot
Alighieri, Dante & Ralph Pite; Cary, Henry
Alighieri, Dante (Cary, translation) : Illustrated by: Umberto Romano
Alighieri, Dante, and Cary, Henry F (Translator)
Alighieri, Dante, and Pinsky, Robert (Translated by)
Alighieri, Dante, Translated By Henry F. Cary
Alighieri, Dante. Grandgent, C. H. - Introduction
Alighieri, Dante; Dore, with Engravings Of Gustave
Alighieri, Dante; Ukray, Murat and Cary, H. F.
Dante, Alighieri. The .
Price Davis Ed.D., Dr. Anita; English Literature Study Guides
Baskin, Leonard; Dante Alighieri, Translated By Thomas G. Bergin
Alighieri, Dante (Translated By Louis Biancolli
Alighieri, Dante [translated by Charles Eliot Norton]
Dante Alighieri (Translated by Thomas G. Bergin & illustrated by Leonard Baskin)
Dante Alighieri - translated by Henry F. Cary
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321, Vincent, Marvin Richardson, 1834-1922
Dante Alighieri, Biancolli, Louis, b. , translator. Bennett, Harry, illlustrator
Dante Alighieri, Blake, William, - , illustrator. Bindman, David, compiler
Dante Alighieri, Pope-Hennessy, John, - . Di Paolo, Giovanni,
Dante Alighieri. Translated By Henry Francis Cary
Dante Alighieri; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow [Translator]
Dante Alighieri; Narrator-Grover Gardner
Alighieri, Dante. Translator: Melville Best Anderson
Alighieri, Dante; Lawrence Grant White (trans.)
Alighieri, Dante; translated by Charles Eliot Norton
Alighieri, Dante; translated by Lawrence Grant White
Dante; Bickersteth, Geoffrey L. Alighieri
Dante Alighieri/ Williams, Heathcote (Narrator)
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (including Translations of Dante Alighieri)
Dante Alighieri, Marvin Richardson Vincent
Dante Alighieri; Anderson, Melville Best (trans.)