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William S. Cobb Plato
Evelyn Abbott
Justin D. Kaplan
Kaplan, J. D, Editor
Jowett, M.A. (Translator) Plato
Plato, Cobb, William S.
Socrates Plato
Benjamin Plato; Jowett
translated by Benjamin Jowett Plato
Editor-J.D. Kaplan
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. Plato
Hamilton, Edith; Cairns, Huntington
Jowett, Benjamin, 1817-1893
Jowett. B.
J. S Mill
Plato Louise Ropes Loomis B. Jowett
Plato Translated By Benjamin Jowett
H.A. Mason Plato
Plato. Taylor, Thomas [translator]
Plato; B. Jowett Trans
J.D. Plato; Selected By Kaplan
Quincy, Keith (Translated by)
Erich Segal
W D Plato & Woodhead
Translator Plato; Rouse W. H. D.

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Jowett, B (Translated With Intro And Analysis By)
Plato; Jowett, Benjamin (Translator); Egan, Maurice Francis; Aristotle
Plato, Socrates, Floyer Sydenham, Thomas Taylor
JOWETT, B., translated into English by (Plato)
Plato, Prof Benjamin Jowett, Alfred Wolff
PLATO, Translated into English by B. Benjamin Jowett
Jowett, B. M.A. (Translated Into English By)
Jowett, Benjamin Intro. and Trans., Special intro. by Maurice F. Egan
Kaplan, J.D. (Edited, Selected With Notes By)
Nienkamp, Jean, Ph.D. (Editor), and Plato
Plato (Trans. By Benjamin Jouvet) Preface By Whitney J. Oates
Plato / Aristotle (translated By Benjamin Jowett)
Plato, and Kaplan, J D (Selected and with Prefatory Notes by), and Jowett (Translated from the Greek by)
Plato. Jowett, B. Trans; Loomis, Louis Ropes
Plato; Marcus Aurelius; Lucian of Samosata; Justin Martyr