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J.D. Kaplan
translated by Benjamin Jowett Plato
Plato (Author); J(ustin) D. Kaplan (Selected, with Prefatory Notes, Edited with Introductory Notes by)
PLATO; JOWETT, Benjamin (trans)
B. And Plato Jowett
Lee Plato) Rauch
Herman L. Plato) Sinaiko
Plato, B. Jowett, trans.;
Benjamin Plato/ Jowett
Plato; Louise Ropes Loomis; Editor

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Plato; Translated by B. Jowett; Edited with an Introduction by Louise Ropes Loomis
Plato; Translated By Benjamin Jowett; Edited By R.M. Hare & D. A, Russell
PLATO .JOWETT,B. trans; LOOMIS,Louis Ropes