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Justin D. Kaplan
translated by Benjamin Jowett Plato
Plato (Author); J(ustin) D. Kaplan (Selected, with Prefatory Notes, Edited with Introductory Notes by)
Kaplan, J. D., Ed
PLATO; JOWETT, Benjamin (trans)
Plato, and Rouse, W. H. D. (Translated by), and Warmington, Eric Herbert (Edited by), and Rouse, Philip G. (Edited by)
B. And Plato Jowett
Lee Plato) Rauch
Herman L. Plato) Sinaiko
Plato, B. Jowett, trans.;
Benjamin Plato/ Jowett
Plato; Louise Ropes Loomis; Editor

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Plato; Translated by B. Jowett; Edited with an Introduction by Louise Ropes Loomis
PLATO .JOWETT,B. trans; LOOMIS,Louis Ropes
Plato, and Kaplan, J D (Selected and with Prefatory Notes by), and Jowett (Translated from the Greek by)