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Oswald Spengler
Helmut Werner Editor Oswald Spengler
Helmut Spengler Oswald; Werner
Oswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler
Spengler, Oswald; Werner, Herbert
Oswald; Char. Spengler

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Spengler, Oswald
Spengler, Oswald; Charles Francis Atkinson [Translator]
Spengler, Oswald; Werner, Helmut (Abridgment)
Spengler, Oswald (Edited By Edwin Franden Dakin)
Spengler, Oswald/Atkinson, Charles Francis (trans)/Werner, Helmut (abridgement)/Helps, Arthur (English Abridged edition)
Spengler, Oswald; Atkinson, Charles Francis (Translation)
Spengler, Oswald ( Charles French Atkinson)
Spengler, Oswald; Abridged by Helmut Werner and Arthur Helps; translated byCharles Francis Atkinson
Spengler, Oswald; Abridged by Helmut Werner
Spengler, Oswald (Translated with Notes by Charles Francis Atkinson)
Spengler, Oswald; & Helmut Werner; Arthur Helps; Charles Francis Atkinson
Spengler, Oswald, 1880-1936. [Atkinson, Charles Francis,; b. 1880, ; ed. and tr. ]
Spengler, Oswald, and Payne, David G (Editor)
Spengler, Oswald, and Payne, Dr David G (Editor)
Spengler, Oswald, Atkinson, Charles Francis, translator
Spengler, Oswald, Atkinson, Charles Francis,; b.
Spengler, Oswald;Atkinson, Charles Francis (translator)