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H.R. James
William Anderson
Editor-Peter Glassgold
Boethius; Dante
Stewart, H F & Rand, E K (Trans. )
Boethius (Creator)
Boethius (Translated by V. E. Watts
BOETHIUS and Dante Alighieri
Boethius. Boetius
Boethius. L
W V Cooper

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Boethius; Kempis, Thomas A.; Browne, Thomas
Boethius; H. F. Stewart, & E. K. Rand (trs.)
Boethius, Thomas A. Kempis, Thomas Browne
Boethius [Boëtii], Anicii Manlii Severini; Callyus, Petrus [ed.]
Boethius; James J. Buchanan (editor); Whitney J. Oates (introduction)
Eds. Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr. & Jason Edward Streed
Thomas Browne, Thomas A. Kempis, Boethius
Anicius Boethius, Scott Goins, Barbara Wyman
Boethius (trans H.F. Stewart & E.K. Rand)
Boethius Kempis, Thomas A Browne, Sir Thomas Edman, Irwin (Introduction)
Boethius; A Kempis, Thomas; Browne, Sir Thomas
Boethius; Edited & Abridged By Buchanan, J. J.; Introduction By Oates, W. J. )
Boethius; H.F. Stewart [Translator]; E.K. Rand [Translator];
Boethius; Kempis, Thomas a'; and Browne, Sir Thomas, Edited and with introduction by Edman, Irwin
Boethius; Tester, Stanley Jim; Rand, Edward Kennard; Stewart, Hugh Fraser; T, I.
Buchanan, James J. / Princeton University / With an Introduction By Whitney J. Oates / Boethius / Series Milestones of Thought in the History of...
Boethius, Thomas A. Kempis; Thomas Browne
Victor Watts (Translator Ancius Boethius (Author)