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Flavius Josephus
Flavius. Translated By William Whiston Josephus
William Whiston
Josephus, Flavius, and Whiston, William
William Josephus Flavius & Whitson
William Flavius Josephus; Whiston
Flavius, Whiston, William Josephus
Josephus, Flavius Maynard, George Henry
Translated By William Whiston A.M.
JOSEPHUS (Flavius).
Translated By Whiston
William Trans Whiston
Whiston, William, A. M., Translator
Whiston, William, Translator
Whiston, William. (Translated By).

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Josephus, Flavius, translated by Late William Whiston, M.A., Revised & Illustrated with Notes by rev. Samuel Burder, A. M. , Inner Hinges Starting...
Josephus, Flavius; William Whiston (trans.)
JOSEPHUS, Flavius; translated by William Whiston, A.M
Josephus, Flavius; William Whiston (transl.); Rev. Samuel Burder (revisions, notes)
Flavius Josephus/ William whiston, Trans
Flavii Josephi (Flavius Josephus) Joannis Hudsoni Sigebertus Havercampus
Josephus, Flavius [Translated by Ebenezer Thompson and William Charles Price] Titus Flavius Josephus (37 - c. 100) born Joseph ben Matityahu...
Flavius Josephus ~ William Whiston (Editor)
Josephus, Flavius; Whiston, William And Maier, Paul L.
Josephus, Flavius; William Whiston, translator
Josephus (Flavius), Maynard (George Henry)
Translator) Flavius Josephus (Author) William Whiston (Author
Whiston, William (Trs.) [Flavius Josephus]
Josephus, Flavius (Havercamp's Accurate Edition; Notes By William Whiston)
Josephus, Flavius (Trans. By William Whiston)
Flavius Josephus; Ebenezer Thompson; William Charles Price
Maynard, George Henry (Flavius Josephus)
Josephus Flavius - Translated By William Whiston
Josephus, Flavius, translated by William Whiston
Josephus, Flavius; George Henry Maynard (Translator); Rev. Edward Kimpton (Marginal References, and Notes Historical, Biographical, Classical,...
Josephus, flavius; Whiston, w. (trans); LaSor,w.
Whiston, (trans), William & Josephus, Flavius
Whiston, William; Maier, Paul L.; Josephus
Flavius Josephus (Translator, William Whiston)
William; Foreword By Lasor Josephus; Translated By Whiston