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Beyle, Marie-Henri (Stendhal)
C. K. Scott Moncrieff
Beyle, Henri; Stendhal; Hugo, Victor
Marie-Henri Beyle (De Stendhal)
Marie-Henri Beyle Stendhal
Marie-Henri Beyle [De Stendhal]
Victor Stendhal/Hugo
Robert A.; Ho Stendhal; Parker

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Marier-Henri, Beyle, (Trans) Loyd, Lady Mary, (Preface) De Balzac, Honore, (Illu.)Bosoni,Rafaello Stendhal
Stendhal, (Henri Beyle) and C. K. (Translation) Scott
Beyle (Stendhal), Marie-Henri (Translated by Lady Mary Loyd)
Stendhal [Beyle, Marie-Henri]; Moncrieff, C.K. Scott, Translator
Stendhal. Marie-Henri Beyle. Translated by Mary Loyd.
Excerpts from THE CHARTERHOUSE OF PARMA By Stendhal (Henri Beyle) and LES MISERABLES By Victor Hugo
Stendhal, Henri; A New Translation By Richard Howard
Stendhal; trans. By C. K. Scott Moncrieff; De Balzac, Honore
Stendhal, Marie-Henri Beyle translated by Mary Loyd; Rafaello Busoni Illustrator
Stendhal (Henri Beyle), Loyd, Mary, Lady, - . Balzac, Honor de,
Stendhal; trans. By Lady Mary Loyd; Rev. By Robert Cantwell; Preface By Honore De Balzac