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Edgar Allan Poe
Saki Guy de Maupassant Edgar Allan Poe
Poe, Edgar Allan) Hirsch, David H.
Robert Brome (Edgar Allan Poe)
Edgar Allan Poe Edited By Bliss Perry
Edgar Allan Poe/ Christopher Aruffo
Poe, Edgar Allan; Katz, Marjorie P

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Poe, Edgar Allan
Book Originally by Edgar Allan Poe, Born in Audio Performed by Christopher Lee, Actor, Abridged for Recording Purposes by J. Gaynor
Higham, Charles (ed) (cover art by Frank Benier) (James Workman; F. Sheridan Le Fanu; Charles Dickens; Ambrose Bierce; Amelia B. Edwards; D.W....
edited, bill haley cover, elvis presley, ingrid bergman, edgar allen poe, etc
Poe Edgar Allan (1809 - 1849); with afterword by R. P. Blackmur
Poe Edgar Allan with afterword by R. P. Blackmur
POE,Edgar Allan (SHAW,George Bernard & WILLIAMS,William Carlos essays)