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L. Sprague De Camp
L. Sprague and Lin Carter De Camp
l Sprague & Carter Lin De Camp
L. Sprague De & Lin Carter Camp
L Sprague and Lin De Camp and Carter
Robert E Howard
Robert E. Howard

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De Camp, L Sprague
Robert E. (with L. Sprague de Camp; Lin Carter; Bjorn Nyberg) Howard
Howard, Robert E.; de Camp, L. Sprague; Carter, Lin; Nyberg, Bjorn
De Camp, L. Sprague & Lin Carter. Frazetta
Howard, Robert E.; L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter
De Camp, L. Sprague & Carter, Lin (Based On Robert E. Howard Character)
Howard, Robert E.; De Camp, L. Sprague; Carter, Lin
Howard, Robert E (Bjorn Nyberg. L Sprague de Camp. Lin Carter)( Ervin )(Frank Frazetta cover art)