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Margery Kempe
John Kempe Margery; Version by Skinner
Margery and Tony D. Triggs Kempe
Margery; Edited by B A Windeatt Kempe
Kempe, Margery; Skinner, John
Kempe, Margery; Butler-Bowdon, W
Kempe, Margery]; Butler-Bowdon, W.
W. Butler-Bowdon
Margery; Version By Skinner Kempe
Margery; ed Barry WINDEATT KEMPE
Margery; trans B A WINDEATT KEMPE
Staley, Lynn (Ed. )
Translator Tony D. Triggs
Tony D. Trans Triggs

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Kempe, Margery
Kempe, Margery; Windeatt, B.A.; Ellis, Alice Thomas
Kempe, Margery; B.A. Windeatt, Alice Thomas Ellis
Kempe, Margery; W. Butler-Bowdon (Editor); R. W. Chambers (Introduction)
Kempe, Margery, translated & with introduction by Barry Windeatt
Kempe, Margery and Windeatt, B.A. (Editor)
Kempe, Margery; Ed. W. Butler-Bowdon; Introduction by R. W. Chambers
Kempe (Margery), with a preface by Alice Thomas Ellis, introduced and edited by B.A. Windeatt:
Kempe, Margery & Butler-Bowdon, W. With Introduction By R.W. Chambers
Kempe, Margery after ]; Butler-Bowdon, W (A Modern Version By); Chambers, R W (With an Introduction By)
KEMPE, Margery) Early English Text Society, Original Series, no. 212 MEECH, Sanford Brown, Prof. (ed. with intro and glossary) ALLEN, Hope Emily...
Kempe, Margery. Modernized By W. Butler-Bowdon.
KEMPE, Margery; trans Liz Herbert McAVOY