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Edwin Arnold
Arnold, Sir Edwin, Translator
Arnold, Edwin (Ed)
Edwin, Sir (1832-1904), tr. Arnold
Arnold, Edwin, Trans
ART]. (POGANY, Willy). (Arnold, Edwin)
trans Sir Edwin Arnold
Arnold Edwin Sir
Arnold, Edwin, Sir (1832-1904), tr.
Arnold, Edwin; Pogany, Willy (illus)
Sir tr. Arnold Edwin
M.A. Edwin Arnold
Edwin Lester Arnold
Sir Edwin;Y. G. Srimati Arnold
Ved Vyasa

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Arnold, Edwin
Edwin, Sir (1832-1904) (Trans). Pogany, Willy(1882-1955) (Illus. ) Arnold
Arnold, Translated By Sir Edwin; Srimati, Illus. By Y.G.
Arnold, Edwin (Introduction By Shri Sri Prakasa)
Pogany, Willy (illus ); Arnold, Edwin (trans
Arnold, Edwin, Sir, Tr, Srimati, Y. G., Illus
Sir Edwin (Translated From The Sanskrit Text By) Arnold
Arnold, Edwin, Sir Trans). Pogany, Willy( - ) (Illus.
Sir Edwin, 1832-1904 (Translator) Arnold
Arnold, Edwin, Sir, 1832-1904, tr,Srimati, Y. G., illus
Gita, Bhagavad And Arnold, Sir Edwin (Translated)
Translated And Interpreted By Franklin Edgerton