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Sigmund Freud
Dr. A.A. Brill
Freud, Sigmund) Brill, A.A., (trans/editor)
A A Brill
Brill, A.A., Dr. : Editor
Freud, Sigmund; Brill, Dr. A.A. (intro)
Sigmund. & Dr. A. A. Brill Freud
A. A / Sigmund Freud Brill
Freud, Sigmund (Edited by A.A. Brill.)

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Freud, Sigmund
Freud, Sigmund; Introduction By; Brill, A.A
Freud, Sigmund w/intro & trans. by Dr. A. A. Brill (editor)
Sigmund) Brill, A.A., (trans/editor) Freud
Freud, Sigmund, founder of psychoanalysis, 1856-1939. Selections. English; transl. and edited, with intr. by A. A. Bri
Freud. Sigmund
Freud, Sigmund; Trans. + Edit. With Intro. By Dr. A. A. Brill