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Antoine Henri De Jomini
Antoine De Jomini
Antoine-Henri Baron De Jomini
Baron De Jomini
Jomini, Antoine Henri; Mendell, G. H. and Price, John-Allen
J. D. (Ed. ) Jomini; Hittle
Jomini, Antoine Henri, Baron De,
Hittle, J. D. (Brig. Gen) Edited By

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Jomini, Antoine Henri, bar, and Mendell, George Henry (Translated by), and Craighill, William Price (Translated by)
de Jomini, Baron (Antoine-Henri); Mendell, G H and W P Craighill (trans
Baron (Antoine-Henri); Mendell, G. H. and W. P. Craighill (trans.) de Jomini