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Richard F. Burton
Richard F. Burton; Jack Zipes
Burton, Richard, F.
translator Burton Richard F.
Richard F & Albert Letchford Burton
Burton, Richard F.] Zipes, Jack
Burton, Richard Francis, Sir
Bennett A. Cerf
Stanley L. Wood after Richard F. Burton
Richard F Annotated By Burton
Burton, Richard F. (trans.&intro.)
Burton, Richard F.; Redman, Ben Ray
Richard F; Cerf, Bennet A [ed.] Burton
Burton (Richard F.):
Burton Richard F.
Burton; Winter, Milo (Illus)
Burton, Richard (Trans); Torrens, Henry
Burton, Richard (Transl. )
Richard F (transl BURTON
Burton, Richard F. (trn)
Burton, Richard F. , translator
Burton, Richard F., translator
Burton, Richard Sir (Translator)
Burton, Richard, Translator
Burton, Richard-Synge, M.B.
Richard F. (translator) Burton

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Burton, Richard F.; Redman, Ben Ray ( Introduction); Savage, Steele ( Illustration & Decorations).
Burton, Richard F., translated and annotated by
Burton, Richard; Parrish, Maxfield (Illustrator)
Captain Sir R F [Burton, Sir Richard] Burton
Burton, Richard F, et Alia [translators]
BURTON, Sir Richard F.[rancis] (translator)
Arabian Nights. Translated By Richard F. Burton
Arranged by Bennett A. Cerf from Literal Translation of Richard F. Burton
Burton, Richard [1821-1890]-Translator. Van Vliet, Emile-Editor
Burton, Richard F., Illustrator: Illustrated by Steele Savage
BURTON, Richard F., Valenti Angelo (Illus).
Burton, Richard Francis, Sir, and Angelo, Valenti, and Vliet, Emile van, and Limited Editions Club
Burton, Richard, Trans. Illus. By Steele Savage
Chagall, Marc; Burton, Richard F. ; Introduction by Norbert Nobis
CRANNOG PRESS). Richard F. BURTON (trans
Burton, Richard & John Payne [Translated By]
Richard (Introduction By Kenneth Walker) Burton
TRANSLATED & ANNOTATED by SIR RICHARD F. BURTON, Illustrated,Each volume with a beautiful frontispiece illustration on a heavy weight shiny paper....