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Robert Burton
Democritus Junior (Robert Burton)
Burton, Robert, 1577-1640
Lewis Turco
1577-1640 Burton
BURTON, Robert [1577-1640]
RobertDemocritus Junior Burton
Burton. Robert
Burton, R.; Jackson, H.
Robert; Democritus Junior Burton
Democritus Junior [Burton, Robert]
Burton Robert. Floyd Dell Editor
Robert (edit Floyd Dell & Pa. Burton
BURTON, Robert KAUFFER, E. Mcknight
Robert; Edited by A.R. Shilleto Burton
BURTON, Robert] [as] DEMOCRITUS Junior
Jackson And Burton
JUNIOR, Democritus (Robert Burton)

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Burton, Robert; Dell, Floyd (ed.); Jordan-Smith, Paul (Ed.)
Burton, Robert, 1577-1640
Arthur Henry Bullen, Arthur Richard Shilleto, Robert Burton
Burton, Robert, Dell, Floyd, Jordan-Smith, Paul
Burton, Robert; Dell, Floyd, ed.; Jordan - Smith, Paul, ed.
Robert and Edited By Dell, Floyd, and Paul Jordan-Smith Burton
Burton, Robert; Floyd Dell; Paul Jordan-Smith
Democritus Junior (pseudonym of Robert Burton)
Burton, Robert; Shilleto, Rev. A.R. (Editor)
Burton, Robert ; Democritus Junior Edited By Holbrook Jackson , Intro By Philip Pullman
Burton, Robert, and Smith, Paul Jordan, and Dell, Floyd
Burton, Robert, Edited By Floyd Dell & Paul Jordan-Smith
Burton, Robert; Dell, Floyd & Paul Jordan-Smith Eds
[Burton, Robert] Jordan-Smith, Paul (compiled by); Assisted by Margaret Mulhauser
Mead, G.C.F., Robert C. Clift, Burton, W.H.D. Rouse
Jordan-Smith, Paul; & Margaret Mulhauser; Robert Burton
Burton, Robert [Edited by Rev. A. R. Shilleto] Introduction by A. H. Bullen
Democritus Junior; Democritus Minor [Burton, Robert]
Burton, Robert; Edited by Floyd Dell and Paul Jordan-Smith