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Confucius,, Mencius, Faxian
Holly Harlayne Roberts
Ezra Pound
Ed. Waley Arthur
Will Confucius; Jonson
William Edward Soothill
Xin Guanjie
Ernst/ Confucius Faber
Confucius (Konfutse)
D. C. Lau Confucius
Confucius; Legge, James (Translator)
Giles, Lionel (Transl., Intro., Notes)
James Legge

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(CONFUCIUS) WALEY, Arthur, translated by
Confucius; John Kirkley (Editor); Li Tianchen ( Trans); Kong Decheng (Calligraph
Legge, James, translation and notes, Confucius, Mencius
Confucius; Yu, Lin (Translated By D. C. Lau)
Confucius,Mencius,Legge, James, 1815-1897
Confucius; Soothill, William Edward (translator); Hosie, Lady (ed)
Confucius; Jingming, Li (Modern Chinese translation)
Giles, Lionel; Tseng Yu-Ho (Illustrations)