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Cornelius Tacitus
H. Mattingly
Alfred John Church
Cornelius Tacitus Tylee
Wilhelm Boetticher Cornelius Tacitus
Tacitus, Caius Cornelius; Tyler, W. S
Tacitus, Cornelius,Anthon, Charles,
Church, Alfred J.; Brodribb, W. J.
Tacitus (Cornelius Tacitus)
Tacitus (Cornelius)
Tacitus Publius Cornelius
Tacitus. Publius Cornelius
Tacitus; George Stuart (Ed. )

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Tacitus, Cornelius,Frost, Percival,Tacitus, Cornelius. Germania,Tacitus, Cornelius. Agricola
Tacitus, Cornelius,Tyler, W. S. (William Seymour), , ed,Tyler, Henry M. (Henry Mather),
Tacitus, Cornelius,Anthon, Charles, , ed,*Boetticher, Wilhelm, . [from old catalog]
Alfred Gudeman, Cornelius Annales B Tacitus
William Hamilton Fyfe, Publius Cornelius Tacitus
Tacitus, Cornelius,Allen, William Francis,
Tacitus, Cornelius,Tacitus, Cornelius,Tacitus, Cornelius,Stuart, George,
Tacitus, Cornelius,Tacitus, Cornelius,Tyler, W. S. (William Seymour), ,Tyler, Henry M. (Henry Mather),
Tacitus, Cornelius,Tyler, William Seymour,
Church, Alfred John, and Brodribb, William Jackson, and Tacitus, Cornelius
Cornelius Tacitus [Tacitus]; J. H. Sleeman (Ed. )
Tacitus, Cornelius P., edited by Alfred Gudeman
Tacitus, Cornelius,Anthon, Charles, , ed
Tacitus, Cornelius,Anthon, Charles, ,Boetticher, Wilhelm,
Tacitus, Cornelius,Anthon, Charles, 1797-1867, ed,*Boetticher, Wilhelm, 1798-1860.
Tacitus, Cornelius,Anthon, Charles, 1797-1867,Boetticher, Wilhelm, 1798-1850
Tacitus, Cornelius,Hopkins, A. Grosvenor,Tacitus, Cornelius. Agricola,Tacitus, Cornelius. Germania
Tacitus, Cornelius,Tyler, W. S. (William Seymour), 1810-1897, ed,Tyler, Henry M. (Henry Mather), 1843-1931
Tacitus, Cornelius,Tyler, William Seymour, 1810-1897
Cornelius Annales B Tacitus, Wilhelm Boetticher