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Virgil; Translated By John Dryden
Dryden, John (The translation Of)
Virgil, Charles W. Eliot (Editor), John Dryden (Translator)
Virgil (translated by John Dryden)
John Virgil John Dryden
Robin Sowerby John Dryden
Virgil [Publius Vergilius Maro]; Eliot, Charles W. (Editor); Dryden, John (Translator)
Virgil, ; Dryden, John
John [Transl] Dryden
John (Translator) Dryden
Robert Dryden John; Fitzgerald
Robert Fitzgerald; John Dryden
Virgil,Dryden, John, 1631-1700
Virgil; John Dryden (transl.)
Dryden John
trans. John Dryden
Trans. Virgil/John Dryden
Dryden John (Translator)
Dryden, John). Sowerby, Robin, editor
Virgil and John Dryden
John Virgil Dryden
Trans. By John Dryden Virgil

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VIRGIL,; DRYDEN,John trans.(Eliot,Charles W. ed)
[Virgil] Dryden, John (transl.) and Johann Grüninger (woodcuts)
Eliot, Charles W., Series Editor; Virgil (Translated by John Dryden)
Charles W (Editor); Virgil; Dryden, John (Translator) Eliot
Virgil, Publius Vergilius Maro ( - B.C.), Illustrated By Carlotta Petrina, WaterColor Frontispiece Portrait of Author, Former OWNER STAMP Back...
Dryden, John-Translated By; Fitzgerald, Robert-Edited; By, With Introduction
Eliot, Charles W (editor); Virgil; Dryden, John (translator)
Edited By Eliot, Charles W.; Translated By Dryden, John
Hamilton Thompson, A (Editor), and Dryden, John (Translated by)
Virgil, (verse translation by John Dryden
Eliot, Charles W. (Editor); Dryden, John
Virgil; Translated By Dewey, Frederick Holland
Virgil; Illustrator-Johann Gruninger; Translator-John Dryden
Virgil; John Dryden (Translator); Charles W. Eliot (Series Editor)