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John Dryden
Dryden, John (The translation Of)
Virgil, Charles W. Eliot (Editor), John Dryden (Translator)
Virgil (translated by John Dryden)
Virgil; Translated By John Dryden; Petrina, Carlotta [Illustrator]
Robin Sowerby John Dryden
Virgil [Publius Vergilius Maro]; Eliot, Charles W. (Editor); Dryden, John (Translator)
Virgil, Publius Virgilius Maro; Dryden, John (translator)
VIRGIL,; DRYDEN,John trans.(Eliot,Charles W. ed)
Dryden, John, translator
Virgil, ; Dryden, John
John [Transl] Dryden
John Virgil John Dryden
John (Translator) Dryden
Robert Fitzgerald; John Dryden
Trans. Virgil/John Dryden
trans. John Dryden
Ll.D.; John Dryden Charles W. Eliot
Dryden, John). Sowerby, Robin, editor
Translated By John Dryden
John Virgil Dryden
Virgil, Dryden, John, 1631-1700
Trans. By John Dryden Virgil
Virgil; Dryden, John (trans.)
Virgil; Publius Vergilius Maro
Virgil; Translator-John Dryden

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Edited By Eliot, Charles W.; Translated By Dryden, John
[Virgil] Dryden, John (transl.) and Johann Grüninger (woodcuts)
Virgil, Publius Vergilius Maro ( - B.C.), Illustrated By Carlotta Petrina, WaterColor Frontispiece Portrait of Author, Former OWNER STAMP Back...
Eliot, Charles W., Series Editor; Virgil (Translated by John Dryden)
Charles W (Editor); Virgil; Dryden, John (Translator) Eliot
Eliot, Charles W. (editor) & John Dryden (translator)
Eliot, Charles W (editor); Virgil; Dryden, John (translator)
Virgil; Dryden, John (trans ); Petrina, Carlotta (illus
Virgil, (verse translation by John Dryden
Eliot, Charles W. (Editor); Dryden, John
Virgil; Translated By Dewey, Frederick Holland
Hamilton Thompson, A (Editor), and Dryden, John (Translated by)
Virgil, Hagarty, E. W. (Edward William), Henderson, John, Or
Virgil; Dryden, John (translator); Eliot, Charles W. (editor)
Virgil; Illustrator-Johann Gruninger; Translator-John Dryden
Virgil; John Dryden (Translator); Charles W. Eliot (Series Editor)